It's very important to follow this guide exactly to ensure your Salesforce Integration is successful and you can get the most out of the IS2 Platform!

1. Ensure Proper Access

a) You are a Salesforce admin with the access to manage user permission and install managed packages.

b) The InsightSquared Revenue Intelligence Platform requires Salesforce Enterprise Edition for API access. To verify your Salesforce Edition, after logging into Salesforce, click the gear in the top-right of the screen then click Setup. Type "Company Information" in the Quick Find on the left and look at the Organization Edition field. Make sure it is at least Enterprise Edition.

Note: If you are using a Salesforce Professional license, having the optional Web Service API add-on will also suffice. Not sure if you have this add-on? If you have other tools in Salesforce like Outreach, Ringlead, or Sales Navigator, you probably already have this add-on.

c) You have an IS2 Platform login with admin privileges. If you do not please contact support.

2. Install the InsightSquared Platform Managed Salesforce Package

a) You should have received an email from with the subject line "Invitation to join InsightSquared". Before starting the integration, click the Join InsightSquared link in the email to log into the Platform, the email provides your username.

b) After you've successfully logged into the Platform, click the button below to install the IS2 Platform Managed Salesforce Package

c) Select Install for Admins Only and check the box for "I acknowledge that Iโ€™m installing a Non-Salesforce Application that is not authorized for distribution as part of Salesforceโ€™s AppExchange Partner Program."

d) Click Install

3. Update Installed App OAuth Policies in Salesforce

a) Navigate again to Setup and search for "app" in the Quick Find box. From here select App Manager

b) Locate the InsightSquared Platform Connected App and click Manage for lightning and Edit for classic (this may take a minute)

c) Once the page loads, click Edit Policies

d) Scroll down to OAuth Policies and make sure Permitted Users is set to Admin approved users are pre-authorized

e) Save your changes

f) You will be redirected back to the InsightSquared Platform Connected App settings where you will scroll down to the Profiles section

g) Click Manage Profiles and add any profiles you want to grant access to InsightSquared Platform

h) Save your changes

4. Connect to InsightSquared Platform

a) Navigate to your InsightSquared Platform Salesforce app settings by clicking the button below

b) Scroll down and ensure that Poll primary integration only is checked. This prevents unnecessary congestion by only polling read information for the primary user throughout the day and polling all write-back information made by a non-primary only once daily.

๐Ÿ– ๐Ÿ– ATTENTION: IF YOU'RE LOGGING INTO SANDBOX... ๐Ÿ– ๐Ÿ– here before proceeding. If not, proceed to 4c.

c) Scroll back up to the top and click Enable in the top right corner

d) Navigate to your personal InsightSquared Platform Salesforce connection settings by clicking below

e) Click Activate and go through the OAuth flow

After loading, you should see a confirmation message in the InsightSquared Platform like the one below:

Data is now flowing from your Salesforce to the InsightSquared Platform. Please allow 36 hours for the initial data load to complete.

If you don't see this confirmation, please contact support.

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