With Champ being deprecated we have replaced its Slack notification functionality with a Salesforce native solution. This solution involves installing our managed package and setting up a new process builder process in Salesforce. At the end of this tutorial, you'll get a Slack message for newly closed-won deals!


  1. Create a new Slack app for Incoming WebHooks. See Slack's documentation here.

  2. Copy the resulting WebHook from Slack and set it aside for use later in this tutorial.

    Note: The WebHook will look something like this: https://hooks.slack.com/services/xxx/xxx


  1. Click the button below to install the InsightSquared Platform Managed Salesforce package.

  2. Once installed, find "Process Builder" from the Salesforce Setup quick find box.

  3. Create a new Process by clicking "New" in the upper right-hand corner.

  4. Name your new process and be sure to select "A record changes" from "The process starts when", click Save.

  5. Click "+ Add Object", then select "opportunity" and "when a record is created or edited", then click Save as highlighted below.

  6. Select "+ Add Criteria" this is where we tell Salesforce when to fire our Slack message. In our case, we want the message to fire when an opportunity moves to "Closed Won" (others may vary), click Save.

  7. Add an action to occur for when the criteria is "true". Select:

    • Action Type: Apex

    • Action Name: "Post Message to Slack"

    • Apex Class: IS2: Post to Slack

    In the variable section:

    • Record Id: From the drop-down, select "Field Reference" then locate Opportunity Id from the list of properties.

    • Amount: Select Formula from the drop-down and add the opportunity amount property you want included in the Slack message.

    • Owner Last Name: Select Field reference from the drop-down, then select Owner Id, then select Owner Last Name.

    • Owner First Name: Select Field reference from the drop-down, then select Owner Id, then select Owner First Name

    • Slack Webhook URL: Select "String" from the drop-down and paste the Webhook URL we saved in the Slack section above.

    • Record Name: Select Field reference from the drop-down and then select Name. Click Save.

  8. Click "Activate" in the upper right-hand corner.

  9. Click "Back to Set up" in the upper right-hand corner and search for "Remote site settings" from the quick find box.

  10. Add a new remote site with the URL being that same Slack webhook URL we saved earlier. Click "disable security protocol" and click "active". Then click Save.

That's it! You'll now get notifications in Slack for closed-won deals!

If you have any issues, please contact support.

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