The Service Account setting allows admins to maintain a single connection to Google to sync emails. Maintaining a single connection prevents the annoyance of per user re-connects and pauses in data capture. If an organization requires regular password resets, maintaining one connection will prevent each individual user from having to reconnect after each mandatory password change.

Google Instructions

  1. Identify the administrator email address for your organization’s Google account (this is typically a system administrator email or head of IT’s email address).

  2. Using the administrator email address, log in to the admin console at:

  3. In the left navigation menu, go to "Security" > "API Controls" (

  4. In the Domain Wide Delegation section at the bottom of the page, select "Manage Domain Wide Delegation".

  5. Click "Add new".

  6. In the "Client ID" field, input the following: 107422246740402449775

  7. Copy the text below and paste it into the "OAuth scopes" field:,,,

  8. Click "Authorize".

Intelligence360 Instructions

After the above steps are completed, follow these steps to set up the Google integration in the Intelligence360 Platform.

  1. To can access your Google integration, click here or go to Settings > All Integrations. Click on the Google integration.

  2. Admin should navigate to Connection settings and click on "Use Service Account". Remember to save changes.

  3. Navigate to "User Management" and click on "+ Add/Edit" to connect Platform users to the Google integration.

  4. Using the dropdown, select the emails of Platform users and toggle the left button to connect and sync their emails.

  5. Optional: If you want to add a different email for a user, go to Team Profile > User Management and click on the user. Under Email Aliases', add the email you want to sync (find more instructions on Email Aliases here). Once an alias is created, you can select this email in the connected email dropdown.

  6. Optional: Hit “start” sync on user integrations that have been disabled due to an authorization error.

  7. Click Save.

  8. If you are setting up the integration for the first time, you're good to go! If you are switching to the service account (previously used this integration without service account enabled), click here for next steps.

If you run into any issues, please contact support.

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