What is a Service Account?

At InsightSquared, we refer to "Service Accounts" as a connection method to integrations through a privileged user. This privileged user can gather all the data from an integration that we need. For example, a service account for office365 can pull in all your reps emails through a single connection rather than asking each rep to connect their email to InsightSquared. Today, InsightSquared offers service accounts for Office365 and Google integrations.

Why is using a Service Account better?

The main benefits of using the Service Account connection method is:

  • Integration connection stability

  • Minimal user (rep/admin) interaction and responsibility

Integration connection Stability

Many organizations enforce password reset policies for their email services on a regular basis. For example, office365 users typically reset the passwords for their entire orgs every 90 days. Without using a Service Account this means that each connected user will need to login to InsightSquared and reconnect their email every 90 days. In our experience, we found it hard to track down all the InsightSquared users in an organization and get them to reconnect. When a user's email is disconnected from InsightSquared we cannot get their latest and emails/calendar information thus resulting in inaccurate or partial data in the system. This can impact Machine Learning models, graphs and analytics, and more.

Minimal user (rep/admin) interaction and responsibility

When using a Service Account connection in InsightSquared you unlock the ability to gather your whole Sales team's email and calendar without having them ever login to InsightSquared. This is great for getting data in fast and experiencing a quick ROI on your investment into InsightSquared. Note: Each user's data we pull in from Integrations must be a licensed user.

How do Service Accounts work?

Service Accounts work by having an admin in your organization connect a privileged account in your integration to InsightSquared. This privileged connection can read and write data in the integration on behalf of others in your organization. Now, this may sound scary but we have taken many steps to ensure the security of this workflow. For example:

  • InsightSquared DOES NOT sync all data from your organization

  • InsightSquared ONLY syncs data for allowed users you tell us to sync in our UI

  • InsightSquared is certified with SOC2 Type 1, SOC2 Type 2, SSAE18, GDPR, and Privacy Shield

Whose emails will IS2 poll?

Only the emails of users enabled by admin will be regularly pulled into IS2. Below you can see that IS2 access to Spiderman & Black Widow's emails has been disabled. That means IS2 will NOT pull their emails into the Platform. The remaining users' emails are enabled and will be pulled in accordance with the established email privacy settings.

Anyone in your organization that is not an IS2 user will not be listed and their emails will not be pulled into the Platform.

Email Privacy Settings will be based on the current settings and can be adjusted.

If you run into any issues, please contact support.

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